About Me

I run on iced tea, Spotify, and yoga. I’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Hawaii, and, for a brief time, Louisiana (it was really more of an extended visit I drastically overpacked for). These days I’m back in Texas, but I travel as much as I can.

In 2009, I started The Black Cat Salon with my hairstylist and friend, Jentry. I’m super proud that it’s grown to be one of the top 200 salons in the country every year since 2013. Even though I no longer live in Hawaii, I still remain part owner and help how I can from a distance. I also teach yoga and do a fair amount of freelance marketing work. I’m licensed to practice law in Hawaii, but since I no longer live there, I only do small projects for friends and things that need to be done for the business.

I’m constantly asked what’s next–when I read over everything I just wrote, not one of those things is anything I ever expected for myself. So I guess we’ll find out together.